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Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe

Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe 6.4 Liter V8, 520 PS




  • Zweisitziges Coupé
  • Leiterrohrrahmen
  • Einzelradaufhängung
  • Felgen LUG Halibrand 9,5x17 und 8x17
  • Reifen 315/35 R17 hinten
  • Reifen 275/40 R17 vorne
  • Motor FORD 396 cui V8
  • Weber-Stack-Injection
  • 5 Gang Getriebe manuell
  • 1035 kg
  • 382 kW / 6000 U/Min.
  • 1,99 kg / PS
  • Länge 4420 mm
  • Breite 1867 mm
  • Höhe 1200 mm




At the end of 1962 the first Shelby Cobra Roadster appeared on a race track. After having sorted out the usual initial problems on a new race car the Cobra became reliable and started to dominate the national racetracks. Shelby American also participated in European races, but there was insufficient top speed because of the poor aerodynamics. That´s why Shelby started to design and manufacture a Coupe body, which was mounted on the chassis of the Roadster. The top speed of the streamlined Coupe was approximately 20 mph faster than the roadster´s top speed. Because Carroll Shelby always attached great importance to aesthetics, the Coupe shape became a sheer beauty. Only six Coupes were build to participate the FIA GT World Championship, which it did very successful in 1964 und 1965. 1964 it gained a class victory at Le Mans and the Shelby American Racing Team lost the World Championship title to Ferrari by a hair´s breadth. In 1965 the Cobras dominated the championship thanks to the Coupes. The FIA GT World Championship was the first and only major American success in the automobile racing history!

Today the six still existing Coupes are the most valuable american cars available on the market – if not in the world. One of the six cars will be auctioned in May. The estimate is $ 8.000.000 to $ 10.000.000!

Only a very limited number of remakes of the legendary Shelby Cobra Coupe do exit in Europe. The car exhibited here on Techno Classica was built in the US. Because of a lawsuit with Carroll Shelby, who trademarked the shape of the Daytona Coupe in the US, the production is suspended. The car on display has a strong ladder frame like the original car. It has an independent adjustable suspension. The stroked FORD V8 unit is feeded by a Weber Stack Injection resulting in a sensational power to weight ratio of 502 hp per tonne! The weight distribution is a perfect 50:50 front to rear. Despite the huge power and the tremendous torque the car is good driveable on the road. The Coupe causes a stir everywhere it appears. For those ones looking for a road car with race car feeling, for a car which is faster than most modern road cars and for puristic and shapely car the Shelby Daytona Coupe will be the right choice. The power to weight ratio is hard to beat but the price-performance ratio of 116 EURO per tonne and hp is absolutely unbeatable.